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Welcome to Flytybench.com the home of Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado , LLC.

  Jay Burge, CEO of Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado, LLC. is a master carpenter and has been in business since 1991.  His love of carpentry began in Junior high in Ft. Collins, in 1977.  After graduating he began doing carpentry work until his interest in aviation inspired him to serve in the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1991.  His tour of duty took him to many places including Diego Garcia a small island in the Indian Ocean, Hong Kong , Singapore, The Philipines, Japan, South Korea and Australia.  After Spending a year on Diego Garcia, he transfered into an F-14 squadron VF-51  in Miramar, Ca.   The squadron deployed aboard the air craft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vincent, CVN-70. 

  After returning from his military service, Jay once again returned to doing carpentry work. His carpentry business has evolved into doing fine custom carpentry in  homes and executive suites.  The name of his carpentry business is called Custom Carpentry of Colorado, LLC.

  In 2009, as a result of Jay’s love of fly tying/fly-fishing and carpentry he was inspired to create a very beautiful and portable fly tying bench. After making a few of them, he gave them to some friends and family to test out.  After two years of testing them out, he formed  Finest Fly Tying Benches Of Colorado in the fall of 2011.   

Jay is also a guide for Kirks Fly shop in Estes Park ,Colorado.  Along with guiding for Kirks, Jay also hopes to guide some of our wounded soldiers through the great organization of Project: Healing Waters.