I have been a demonstration fly tier for almost twenty years, I’ve demonstrated at major venues such as the Federation of Fisherman Conclave, Denver Fly Fishing Show, International Sportsmen Exhibition, Various Trout Unlimited Clubs and various fly shops throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  I feel it is very important to present myself as a serious fly tier and have always strived to make my displays as attractive as possible; I feel having a well-developed display will encourage the viewers to come and see my presentation.

I was very fortunate to come across Jay Burge’s fly tying stands, I consulted with Jay  to construct a fly tying station that would incorporate all of the tools and paraphernalia that I use for tying my flies.  I wanted to have a tying station that helped me organize all of my equipment in an orderly manner and with-in easy reach.  Jay developed a tying station that met all of my demands plus a few more in an aesthetically pleasing design.

As a result, I now have a display station that rivals anything in the industry and I am constantly asked if these custom made fly tying stations are available to the public, I’m so pleased to say…”Yes they Are”. Although I have enjoyed presenting and tying my fly patterns for the various organizations, I have always dreaded the set up and take down of my fly tying materials.  With Jays Fly tying station, I have cut down my set and take down time in half.

Jay’s attention to detail, his high degree of craftsmanship, his use of exotic woods and his clear finishes results in a visually pleasing, well design piece of fly tying furniture.  I really appreciated the work that Jay demands of himself and to the quality of the wood workers art.  I plan on this piece of furniture to be handed down in my family.

Rick Takahashi

Co-Author of “Modern Midges, Tying and Fishing the World’s Most Effective Patterns”

Umpqua Feather Merchants Fly Pattern Designer

Whiting Farms Pro Staff

Rio Fishing Products Field Tester


I was introduced to Jay Burge and his beautiful and functional fly tying benches by my Modern Midges co-author Rick Takahashi.  Rick had encouraged me to begin fly-tying demonstrations again and he thought that I might like to consult with Jay and have him design a bench that would make the process of transporting my vice and tools easier and more convenient.

 The tying benches that were available in sporting stores and fly shops were functional but did not include the features that fit my needs and tying style.  Jay consulted with me and designed a bench that has been the easiest to use of any bench I have ever owned.  His bench contains the features that include thread spool storage, tool storage, bobbin holders, colored marker holders, large tool holders, glue and UV liquid and UV light storage.

 The function of my new bench is just what I needed, but the other feature that makes it so special is the craftsmanship and beauty of the colorful and exotic hardwoods he cuts and assembles into true works of wood art. I have taken my new tying bench to several fly tying expositions over the last year and I constantly receive compliments and questions, from those watching me tie, regarding my tying bench.  This bench has made the tying process easier and more organized for tying at home and at tying demonstrations.

 Jerry Hubka

 Co-Author of  “Modern Midges, Tying and Fishing the World’s most Effective Patterns”


Was it fate or just luck while at the West Denver TU Fly Tying event this year that I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Burge.  He introduced himself and his company, Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado and then proceeded to show me some of the most amazing fly tying benches I have ever laid eyes on.  At first glance, my mind began to race with all of the organizational options it brought to the table not to mention the ease of picking up my tying station and moving it when the need arose.  He must have seen the look of disgust on my face with my set-up at the time, tools all over the place, scrambling to find a bobbin or the whip finisher.  I knew I had to have one of these incredible benches and cost at that point was irrelevant, I just wanted to be organized!!  There are other wooden benches on the market today but there is absolutely no comparison!!!!  The nice blend of exotic woods, and the thoughtful layout of every square inch of this bench really streamlines the entire fly tying process now.  If you are serious about fly tying and want the ultimate organizational tool, you owe it to yourself to check out one of the finest fly tying benches made!!

Steve Parrott – Co-Owner – Blue Quill Angler