The Finest Fly Tying Bench Available

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At Finest Fly Tying Benches of Colorado, LLC. we are old school!  We want to be sure our fly tying bench products are truly functional, beautiful and lasting.  It is our genuine hope and belief that these tying benches and other products we sell will be handed down from generation to generation as an heirloom piece. 

So how do we do it? 

  • First we always work with the finest hardwoods and materials.  We are dedicated to being better everyday. We are always looking for a way to improve the items we sell. Every fly tying bench we make goes through numerous quality checks to maintain the highest quality possible.
  • We have carefully chosen to use a wipe on polyurethane over lacquers.  The reason for this is our fly tying benches are meant to be used and will acquire some wear over time and may need some touch up.  By wiping on polyurethane by Minwax, anyone can make their bench look like new with just a swipe of a rag!  Polyurethane  is a finish commonly used in protecting hardwood floors and is highly durable.
  • All of our products come with a lifetime warranty against defects.

What separates our hand crafted portable fly tying benches from the competition:

  • Our benches are made to be portable. At home, when tying is interrupted the bench can easily be placed on a shelf.  Each fly tying bench has feet made of a material that remains stable while tying and protective of any surface you set your bench on.
  • The base is made of plywood wrapped with hardwoods.  Why?  Wood moves with humidity changes and we want your bench to stand the test of time and remain flat.
  • The bench sides have finger pulls for ease in handling. The bead and hook trays have sloped sides that make picking up even the smallest beads and hooks easy and can be used to stage tying sessions.
  • Our elevated Tool Swivel Plate makes it easy to find any tool you need.
  • The two steps in the back of our tying bench have holes drilled for some basic things such as head cement, epoxy, U.V. light, etc. There are also a number of holes for the brass pins (supplied with bench).  We leave them loose so you can customize.
  • On the back tier is a row of holes for sharpie markers and other tools.

To sum it up, our fly tying benches allow the fly tyer to have most of everything needed to get flies tied more efficiently.

Happy Tying and Tight Lines!